Buenos Aires


The oldest and most traditional district of the capital to the newest and most modern enclave, a walk in the Buenos Aires trendsetting.  Palermo is crossed, among others, on Avenida Santa Fe. Historically this artery marked a tacit and nominal division between two distinct architectural areas and socially, towards the…

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Europa – Croacia, Italia y Sicilia


Croacia, Italia y Sicilia – 19 noches Salida: 02 de Mayo de 2016 Ciudades a Visitar: Zagreb / Slavonsky / Maglaj / Sarajevo / Mostar / Medjugorge / Pocitelj / Dubrovnik Split / Plitvice / Opatija / Bled / Ljubjiana / Venecia / Ravena / Asis / Roma Napoles /…

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Vietnam & Cambodia

Bahia Halong

Vietnam & Cambodia 12 días / 11 noches Salidas garantizadas (los martes en servicio regular) Itinerario: Hanoi (2) / Halong (1) / Hoi An (2) / Hue (1) / Ho Chi Minh (2) / Siem Reap (2) / Phnom Penh (1) El paquete incluye: Alojamiento Traslados y tours con guía…

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Private sailing on Lake Nahuel Huapi in Summer

Sailboat Bariloche 2

Browsing Lake Nahuel Huapi gives us the chance to enjoy its immensity, beautiful surroundings and crystal clear waters. Brazo Blest and Tristeza, Victoria Island, Villa La Angostura, Brazo Machete, Rincon, Quetrihué Peninsula are some of the unique places that can be visited and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and nature. Navigation…

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Turquia & Grecia


Salida grupal 03 de Junio de 2016 20 días (18 noches) Recorrido: Estambul (2) » Ankara (1) » Capadocia (2) » Pamukkale (1) » Kusadasi (1) » Patmos (1) » Heraklion » Santorini (1) » Mykonos (2) » Atenas (3) » Delfos » Atenas (1) » Estambul (3) SERVICIOS INCLUIDOS:…

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Marriott to buy Starwood to create world’s biggest hotel chain


Starwood Hotels Marriott purchase by 12,200 million (11,320.1 million euros) and won the bid to the Hyatt hotel chain, which was already well advanced in negotiations, and the Chinese HNA, the conglomerate owned a 29, 5% of the capital of the Spanish NH Hotel Group. According to market sources, two…

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Air New Zealand begins its non-stop flights to Auckland


Air New Zealand started selling tickets for its first direct flight between Buenos Aires and Auckland, which will operate three times a week from December 1 and will be held in Boeing 777-200. The South Trans-Pacific route has been dominated in the previous years by the Chilean LAN, flying between…

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New Convention Center Buenos Aires City


The new Convention and Exhibition Center of Buenos Aires City, was presented last Friday, November 6th, 2015. It is built low level, under the earth, and it can accommodate 5,000 people. The area is a large green space that integrates the Thays Park, the Law School and the Park of…

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